About Me

Mike Walker

Hi. First things first, let me address the mikeskywalker domain name thing. It’s like this, I have a very common name so the chances of me getting mikewalker.com or michaelwalker.com were zero. This means I would now have to look at using my middle name(s), and no “Sky” is not my middle name. I would have had to go with www.michaeljamesalanwalker.com if I wanted to be all official and stuff.

Personally, too much. It isn’t very readable, and it’s certainly not memorable. So then I thought “Sky” plus “Walker” had a good ring to it, almost as if I’ve heard that somewhere else before. So you see I choose www.mikeskywalker.com out of necessity really. It’s not like I’m a huge Star Wars nerd or something.

Hold on. Don’t get all defensive on me! I was born in the seventies and did my growing up in the eighties so of course I like Star Wars as much as the next guy, it’s just I chose to walk away from the Star Wars figurines and move out of my parent’s basement in favour of a life with a wife and kids. Although, if I’m completely honest, some days a life of Star Wars movies and role playing games sounds pretty sweet!

But you’re not here to discuss the merits of Star Wars are you?

I guess that leaves the topic of me. Well, professionally I’m just like what everyone else’s resume says. I’m super-duper awesometastic and can even do a somersault! I’m very good at high fives too.

Okay, not what you’re looking for? Fine! Here it is then. As my logo says, I’m a creative marketing guy. If you’re a “creative” in the industry you’re all like “ROTFLMAO” or something like that. Marketing + Creative? That’s like oil and water. It doesn’t mix. And if you’re the marketing side you’re all like, “pffft. I’m creative too. You should see my Excel work sheets. They’re super sweet!” Well. I am an equal part both. You should see the arguments I have with myself on deadline days!

So yeah, I’m a creative marketing guy. I’ve had to become one out of necessity. The majority of my career has been spent client side so I’ve had to wear all of the industry’s hats. Account Management. Marketing. Copywriting. Graphic Design. Web Design. Social Media. Media Buying. Budgeting/Accounting. I’m the planner, the implementer, and the see it through-er guy. I am a one man ad agency of sorts which is why they call me the “Multi-task Master”! Well, by “they” I really mean me because I just made that up. But that doesn’t make it any less true!

So, if you find yourself in need of a “Multi-task Master” that gets $#%! done then check out my stuff. For more details about me and what I do you can check out my resume. Call me. We can set up a Star Wars convention or something.